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We Are Green

Automotive Recycling

At Reid’s Automotive Recycling, we are serious about being environmentally conscious in everything we do. We’re committed to lowering the impact of cars on the environment by implementing the highest standards in dismantling, processing, and preparing resale parts. You could say we’ve taken OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to a higher level and made them Green. But Green isn’t only in what we sell…it’s in everything we do.

Recovering and Reusing

By recovering and reusing auto parts and recycling waste material, we help reduce the impact that manufacturing has on the environment.

Code of Practice

Vehicles that have reached their end of life are safely processed at our government-registered facility using procedures in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Automotive Recycling Industry of BC.

Green it. Lean it.

Reid’s has adopted a zero-waste mindset in all areas of the business, including daily operations, packaging, supplies and water use. We keep this mindset in the forefront of our plans for facility and equipment upgrades too. Green it. Lean it.

Reid’s Sustainability Policy:

We strive to provide the best eco-friendly products and services to our customers while also adopting a zero waste mindset in all aspects of our business. We work to extend the lifespan of materials, use energy-efficient technology, foster creative solutions and promote environmental awareness for the benefit of our customers, communities and the planet.

Our community initiatives:

2015 Recipient of Burnaby Board of Trade Award for Environmental Sustainability
The Burnaby Board of Trade recognized Reid’s Automotive Recycling in 2015 with the Environmental Sustainability award. This award is given to a business that has made protecting, sustaining, and enhancing natural resources an integral part of their business plan by adopting strategies and activities that reduce energy and materials consumption and/or eliminates waste and pollution.

City of Burnaby 2017 Environmental Star Acknowledging Business Stewardship
Reid’s Automotive Recycling was recognized in 2017 by the City of Burnaby for the company’s outstanding contributions to advancing environmental sustainability and protecting and enhancing the natural environment in Burnaby.

Gold Seal Member with Automotive Recyclers of Canada
Reid’s proudly holds Gold level certification status in BC and is recognized as a Gold Seal member of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC). The Gold Seal Program is a voluntary quality assurance accreditation program for ARC members that essentially guarantees high quality recycled parts, with no surprises on delivery. It utilizes a series of standards, audits, and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) requirements to help ensure the best quality recycled parts are reliably provided to repairers, insurers, and the motoring public.

Climate Smart Certified Business
Reid’s is a Climate Smart Certified business, which means we work hard to reduce and measure our annual greenhouse gas emissions. Working with Climate Smart, we established a strategy to reduce emissions, achieving an impressive 39% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in just one year.
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